Algorithmic Trader


About dTrade

dTrade is the first derivatives exchange on Polkadot. We're building a community-governed protocol that provides traders a more transparent, performant and familiar experience. dTrade's technology stack enables leveraged perpetuals and options trading with on-chain settlement, removing all custodial and counterparty risk. The protocol governance can add trading pairs for any derivative in any asset class.

This role will require you to work closely with dTrade's engineering team and financial engineer on building out dTrade's internal trading desk. You will also be working with some of the leading trading shops that are advising us on refining our market making and trading algorithms.


  • Backtest and develop different automated trading strategies
  • Design, develop, backtest, and implement algorithms for market making
  • Help in designing, testing, and writing technical documentation for our trading platform
  • Support internal research iterations and their migration to production
  • Derivatives trading


  • 3+ years experience designing and building trading systems, automations and algorithms from scratch (not marginally improving existing systems)
  • Proficiency with Python, Java and/or C++
  • 2+ years of experience with algorithmic, high-frequency, quantitative and market making trading
  • Experience developing algorithmic trading tools and automated market making strategies
  • Willingness and curiosity to understand DEXs, aggregators, main protocols in DeFi

Benefits & Perks

  • Stock options
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Take a vacation when you need it
  • Regular team outings

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Important Disclosures:

i) The platform is not available to United States residents
ii) dTrade is expected to go live within the first two Polkadot Parachain auctions. More information on this will be released soon.
iii) All assets on dTrade involve a degree of risk and may result in partial or total loss of your investment
iv) Micro gas fees will be paid out of the dTrade DAO
v) Sub-second settlement does not incorporate network latency or congestion
vi) While the Chainsafe bridge can be used to support USDC on the exchange, we may pivot to USDT since it is natively supported on Substrate

dTrade is a decentralized exchange powered by Substrate and Rollups, and designed to function as a fully decentralized public utility, owned and controlled by the community of token holders. Please view our terms of use and privacy policy before accessing the platform.