dTrade was born out of a vision to bring open finance to billions of users by bridging the best of CeFi with the best of DeFi. The latency, liquidity, and low cost of CeFi combined with the transparency, composability, and permissionless nature of DeFi make dTrade an unstoppable alternative to existing centralized exchanges.

In just over a decade since their inception, digital assets have reached a capitalization of 2 trillion dollars, a fifth of the most treasured precious metal for millennia - gold. We believe this trend will continue to accelerate as DeFi becomes faster and more expressive and traditional assets start to have digital representations. We are pleased to be at the forefront of the future of finance by building a permissionless, non-custodial exchange that rivals the utility and performance of centralized counterparts.

Revenue Share

Unlike centralized exchanges that capture the entire revenue generated by the traders, decentralized apps allow for value flow back to users of the protocol. Based on their trading activity, traders receive rights to the revenue generated on the platform in perpetuity. The token holders determine the revenue-sharing mechanisms through decentralized governance.


Financial services in the traditional world appear smooth because they process on timescales comparable to the limit of human time perception. The time from order creation to on-chain settlement on dTrade takes 400ms in ideal conditions, which appears instant for all human purposes and rivals the latencies in traditional finance.


Traditional HFT and market-making strategies provide liquid, efficient markets for almost every tradable asset under the sun. Several of the leading market makers in the industry quote the markets on dTrade with tight bid-ask spreads to allow for opening and exiting positions with minimal slippage. dTrade's vision is to provide supreme liquidity for all assets voted-in by the governing stakeholders.

Low Cost

The price of interacting with traditional financial infrastructure is negligible and often not explicitly stated or hidden within other services. The cost of a trade on dTrade is less than a cent, which opens up an affordable access to markets for everyone.


The ability for protocols to interact with one another is a cornerstone innovation of smart contracts and DeFi. dTrade is connected to the interoperable Polkadot ecosystem, with composable financial innovations waiting to be built.


One of the advantages of DeFi is on-chain verifiable logic. The non-custodial smart contracts underpinning dTrade are made open-source to allow anyone to audit the code, infer the contract logic and understand the inner working of the exchange.

Permission-less Market Creation

On-chain exchanges like Uniswap allow for creating on-chain liquidity pools for trading without permission. dTrade token holders can create markets for any asset pair through the decentralized governance process.

Decentralized Governance

In place of company management staff, the DAO composed of token holders shapes the future of dTrade. Adding new markets, designing the fee structure, and managing the treasury are some of the critical responsibilities of the DAO. Token holders have a vested interest in making key decisions that benefit the exchange.

In addition to the Web application, traders can experience limitless access to markets through the dTrade mobile application. Ultimately, dTrade will expand its product offering to make access to markets even more effortless. On top of perpetual swap and options markets, users will have one-click access to automated trading strategies, copy trading, and DeFi analytics, all from the same interface.

Disclaimer: The products available on dTrade are not available for use by US Persons or residents of any country or jurisdiction subject to US sanctions.

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