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dTrade Upgradeability Powered by OpenZeppelin

There are two common reasons for wanting smart-contract-upgradability...

By Yameen @ dTradeJun 15, 2021

Important Disclosures:

i) The platform is not available to United States residents.
ii) All assets on our platform involve a degree of risk and may result in the partial or total loss of your investment
iii) Gas fees on Edgeware will be paid out of the dTrade DAO
iv) While the USDC bridge is ready, we are working with Commonwealth Labs & our backers to set up more validators for increased security
v) The alpha launch will not be powered by ZK-Rollups. We will be working on the integration through 2021 and expect to have them live by the end of the year

dTrade is a decentralised exchange powered by Substrate and ZK-Rollups, and designed to function as a fully decentralized public utility, owned and controlled by the community of token holders. Please view our terms of use and privacy policy before accessing the platform.