Why is Firefly Labs Inc. winding down dTrade and focusing only on Firefly?

The Firefly Labs team will focus entirely on developing the Polkadot exchange because the liquidity providers and market-makers will concentrate on Firefly. The singular focus will result in a stronger user experience on Firefly. Firefly will launch on Moonbeam in early 2022, after Moonbeam becomes a Polkadot parachain.

Is Firefly affected in any way?

With the focus now on delivering Firefly, the team will be able to scale Firefly’s infrastructure faster and release upgrades quicker. The launch sequence with start with a release of the early platform to over 23,000 beta-testers in late December 2021.

What happens with the dTrade signups and community?

dTrade signups and community members now are part of the early Firefly community!
The dTrade twitter will be repurposed for Firefly.

How can I participate in the test exchange?

You can sign up to become an early beta-tester. Stay tuned for participation from late December.

What are all of the official Firefly social channels?

About Firefly

Firefly is bridging the latency, liquidity, and low cost of CeFi combined with the transparency, composability, and permissionless nature of DeFi to advance derivatives trading, the largest market by trading volume. Firefly is backed by Polychain, Three Arrows, Alameda and other leading investors in its vision to push the limits of DeFi and empower millions connected to the internet with frictionless access to financial markets.